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"People who love to eat are always the best people"
~ Julia Child


Bee NutritionallyConnected (BNC)  provides nutritional consulting, healthy meal planning, preparation techniques, and what we like to call "alternative eating methods" to  promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle while enjoying every bite.  We understand weight loss, weight management, and "clean eating" can be a challenge, which is why we believe healthy eating should not be only nutritious and well balanced, but also delicious and stress free! And we're here to do just that.  Our services allows each client to become their own chef by preparing great meals; thus, creating fine dining experiences in the comfort of their own kitchen.  

Our philosophy is simple. Don't over think it; prepare for your palate and JUST EAT!


Coming from a family of incredible Southern cooks and culinary visionaries, Jessica (founder/owner)  describes food as always being at the center of her upbringing.  After years of "Sunday Dinners", hearty leftovers, and lack of portion control;  her unexplainable love for food developed into years of unexpected weight gain.   Consequently, finding herself  looking into the mirror and wondering who was staring back at her.  As the waistband grew, so did her outlook on health.  She knew a change must be made.

Being a fan of fine dining, Jessica began recreating the restaurant meals she loved with fresh ingredients that were lower in calories, nutritious, and ironically, just as tasteful.  Having the luxury to enjoy fine foods without the guilt while losing excess weight, and maintaining a healthy relationship with food inspired her to use these same tools  to promote the same success to others, thus, the birth of Bee NutritionallyConnected. 

Jessica believes being able to enjoy the foods you eat, is just as important as being cautious of what foods you put into your body.  Therefore, she teaches her clients not only the proper techniques of a balanced nutritional lifestyle but how to enjoy each bite along the way!


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